About Us

Our Story

The company was founded 45 years ago due to two Emilian brothers (Ettore and Agostino Ferrari) who bought the land in the southern part of the plain of Catania, in the town of Lentini, in the province of Syracuse.

The company was involved in cultivating and producing cereal crops, durum wheat and clover with a livestock of 2.000 bovine animals for fattening and dairy cow.

In 1988 Giovanni Conti Mammamica rented the whole farm also bringing dairy sheep. A dairy was built where sheep’s milk was processed to produce dairy products.

Then, in 2006, the son Sebastiano Conti Mammamica acquired the whole company, and he still owns it.

How to find us

The company is located in Syracuse, in the town of Lentini, in Contrada Cuccumella. The agricultural fund covers an area of 500 ha, the operating part of the whole company. The distance between the company and the town of Lentini is about 9 km; instead of 29 km to reach the city of Catania, a logistic reference centre thanks to its facilities. The company is located in the southern part of the plain of Catania and can be reached by car along the s.s.s. n 385-bivio Iazzotto/Palagonia for 9 km, then by taking the local road to the right. Otherwise, the fun can be also reached by the s.p. Passo Martino-Carmito.


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