The head office of the company consists of many buildings built-up at different times to enable the production activities. On the whole, the area covers 40.000 sqm including with stables, warehouses, workshop, hay store, residence, staff housing, agricultural machinery garage, tool store, switch cabinet, barn and horizontal silos.
The fund water supply consists of:

  • Gas distribution network of Consorzio di Bonifica g (with a capacity of 200 l/s)
  • State property concessions of Benante cooperative canal (with a capacity of 60 l/s)
  • Well drilled (with a capacity of 25 l/s)
  • 5 clay reservoirs (with a collection capacity of 400.000 cu.m)

Irrigated utilised agricultural area (UAA).
The market crop of the company goes to the agro-livestock field and the production of forage is intended for animal feed. There are about 700 head of cattle, 400 of which are dairy cow of different breeds (pezzata rossa, bruna, frisona and jersey) and 300 of which are dairy sheep. The milk produced is processed in the dairy farm and different types of cheese of mixed milk (primo sale with black pepper, pistachio, green olive, nuts, chili pepper, saffron, almond, rocket, hard cheese, ricotta). Over the years, the farm has brought new crops, by the classic crops of durum wheat, clover, barley and oats to the soft wheat crops, such as legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans) e the rice crop has been introduced since 2016.


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