The cultivars

The farm is betting heavily on rice cultivation as the great results obtained since the first year of production. In 2016 the area used for rice was very small sized, only 6 ha, because it was the first cultivation. The varieties cultivated were baldo, balilla, cerere sardo, meco sardo and sant’andrea. Despite the late seeding, the harvest was successfully. Then, in 2017, 30 ha of land was planted with Carnaroli, Brio and Opale. The results were so excellent that a few Piedemontese farmers came to visit the farm. As the big results in quantity and quality, in 2018 the company decided to invest in about 100 ha of land planted with Carnaroli, Arborio, Selenio. This year, it has been decided to cultivate also Ronaldo and some varieties of black and red rice. A key aspect which distinguishes this rice production is the cultivation technique.

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