The traditional craftsmanship and the care of the land make our rice unique and special.

Organic … is Sicilian!

100% natural

Healthier, better controlled and more natural. There are no pesticide, substances which accelerate plant growth and destroy potentially harmful parasites.

Rich in fiber

Refreshing, detoxifying and with a high satiating power. For these reasons, it is very useful in low-calories diets and against constipation too.

Hypo allergenicity

Among all the grains, rice is the one with less allergenic potential. For this reason, it is currently being used in diets for food tolerance research.

High digestibility

Rice is more digestible than pasta because its starch is made up of small sized granules and it doesn’t cause mealtime drowsiness.


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Our Story

An organic farm

In 2006, Sebastiano Conti Mammamica acquired the whole company, and he still owns it. Agribioconti by Conti M. Sebastiano (current company name) has been turned into the organic method for over 30 years.

Not only rice

In 1988 Giovanni Conti Mammamica rented the whole farm also bringing dairy sheep. A dairy was built where sheep’s milk was processed to produce dairy products. Then, in 2006, the son Sebastiano Conti Mammamica acquired the whole company, and he still owns it.

The establishment of the company

The company was founded 45 years ago due to two Emilian brtohers (Ettore and Agostino Ferrari) who bought the land in the southern part of the plain of Catania, in the town of Lentini, in the province of Syracuse. The company was involved in cultivating and producing cereal crops, durum wheat and clover with a livestock of 2.000 bovine animals for fattening and dairy cow.


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